July 2, 2019

Well enough


Anyone who’s started on their own knows the joy, reality and danger of the tiniest possible team. The joy is perfect communication, the reality is everything takes as long as it takes one person to do it, the danger is lack of anyone to miscommunicate with (which means lack of ideas, push back, accountability, creative spark, human interaction).

The reality and danger means we build teams so we can go faster and smarter … and then do what we can to improve communications and keep everything working in harmony, or efficiently, or – on bad days – well enough so the thing keeps moving forward.

Small teams who sit within over-hearing distance don’t need much help to stay in the same loop. For everyone else, it take effort and planning and positive intent.

For every additional team member, square your efforts to keep everyone informed. 

Skippy strategy: Create comms for today’s team, not yesterday’s.