March 5, 2018

In your wake


Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re right. That you see the problem with total clarity and you’ve already plotted the path to the safe ground beyond.

And let’s imaging that you did that on your own whilst your team, seeing things differently, worked on an alternative plan that they’re equally committed to.

Now what?

Shut them down, push your plan, rely on authority, charisma, sheer force of will, outright stubbornness, let them wander in the wilderness whilst you execute?

Or listen, engage, bring them inside your thinking and get inside theirs, find what’s common and investigate the variances, craft a coherent plan together, execute together?

In an emergency, a real one, immediate and definitive action is the premium and let’s see where we get to.

At all other times, all, the premium is on smart, collective, coherent teamwork.

Skippy strategy: It doesn’t matter if your right if you leave them in your wake.