March 4, 2021

Is responsible

Low rise

We spend a lot of time making sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities, and if we take our on responsibilities seriously, holding them accountable. It makes life easier, theirs and yours, and it means a lot more things get done. Clarifying responsibilities starts with the job description and carries on in every review and every meeting. More clear is more better.

The other place cloudiness gathers is inside the team. You might, for example, have done a great job getting agreement on responsibilities for the project manager and the team leader, in general. They know what their job is, what there contribution should be, how they add value. All good stuff. But which one is responsible for communicating today’s decision to the wider group? Who is driving it through? Who is ultimately accountable?

Skippy strategy: For the job in general, for the task at hand, who is responsible?