September 20, 2015

It’s their job


It’s their job!

Customers should be able to tell you what they want, accountants should know which buckets to add into, designers should use the right font, managers should know when things are off track, lawyers should give smart advice rather than put legal wrapping around bad ideas, partners should know their contribution and pull their weight.

Problem is … customers, accountants, designers, managers, lawyers, partners … and everyone else … are human, make mistakes, take short cuts, over-commit, some are just plain sloppy, and all of them – well, nearly all – want an easy life.

Very often, you have to tell the customer, show the accountant, remind the designer, quiz the lawyer, shepherd the partner.

It can feel getting in their bus and driving it yourself.

No point moaning, it’s the end game that counts.

Skippy Strategy: When partners let you down, play the hand you’re dealt – and look for better partners.