August 28, 2018

Knots of knowledge


There are two sources of information about the place you work: you, and everyone else. And both sources are (or should be) interested in what the other has to say.

You – everyone else in your organisation has inside knowledge about the way things work. They have insights into the good and the bad of the thing, opinions about how it’s going, market intelligence, relationships, performance, competitors, products, process. All juice. The raw material of the next big leap. Ask them.

Everyone else – you’re the connector, the gatekeeper, the visionary, the releaser of passion and effort and resources and creativity. Put yourself out there, make those connections, open those gates, expose the vision, release the flood. Ask them to ask you, every opportunity, every day. Give fulsome and honest answers.

Make sure as much information as possible is in the open and free to use.

Skippy strategy: Untangle the knots of knowledge.