March 10, 2019

New people #4


The thing about new people that gets them through the door in the first place: they have the capacity to do stuff that you’ve run out of road to do with the people you already have around. And it’s easy to fall onto the relief that someone wick pick up the bouncing-balls and run with them … and leave it at that.

The thing that all those no-longer-bouncing-balls don’t understand: the new people know about more, and about how to do more, than the things you’ve thought about.

They’re full of experiences and skills and insights and understandings. They know more than you discovered in the interview, and have more range than can be used in even the loosely defined role you’ve given them.

You next job … find out more. Work out what else they can do and where else they can help.

Skippy strategy: They’re more than their new job title.