November 11, 2016

Pick and choose


There are probably some jobs you love to do. Maybe product development, or spreadsheets (guilty), or marketing, or selling, or noodling, or rallying from the podium, or hiring new talent, or bank reconciliation, or getting dirty, or … there’s something for everyone.

Then there’s the jobs you hate. Same list …

Thing is, they all need doing.

In the biggest organisations – like, huge – there’s someone for everything.

The rest of us … we multi-role.

But some people don’t, or can’t, or won’t. They pigeon hole themselves. They set limits, picking and choosing what they will and won’t do.

Their argument? Their contract, expertise (or laziness).

Contract? Pah!

Expertise? There are plenty of wizards. The one’s you want will muck in when needed. Find yourself another expert.

Then there’s laziness and because you let them get away with it.

Skippy strategy: When the job needs doing, no one gets to pick and choose.