August 28, 2017

Play nice


You’re not a lone ranger.

Every decision, every commitment, every time you say yes … you involve other people in your plan. Colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners. They have to set aside time or other plans to fill their part of the bargain you agreed, or they tee up new plans based on what you said you’d do.

Your commitments make commitments for others.

Respect that.

Only make commitments when you’re sure you have the resources to do your bit (which includes delivering the contributions of anyone else wrapped up in your commitments). “Resources” includes whatever time is necessary, personally and technically and corporately.

Don’t undermine your commitments with competing commitments that strip resources and guarantee both are starved, or so you have to beg special favours and unreasonable pizza-time from your team.

Commitments are a group activity. Play nice.

Skippy strategy: Think, before you commit, before you drive.