April 12, 2016

Quiet voices


Every high performing team is filled with opinions and people who don’t mind sharing. Ask an open question and then hang on to your marker as the white board fills. In action mode, scribbling at the front, it’s easy to overlook the quiet ones who don’t really contribute.

There’s two reasons to bring them out.

– They have good ideas too: big personalities may be overwhelming but no matter how clever, they don’t have a lock on smart thinking. To get the best out of any team, you need more ideas and more creativity.

– The emperors clothes: most of us stay quiet in groups when we don’t agree. If someone is conspicuously quiet, they may be the very person to put the breaks on a fooling decision.

When the time is right, use their name and open the space to quieter voices.

Skippy strategy: No one is as smart as everyone. Be prepared to listen.