April 10, 2020

Sawtooth cuts

Empire State

No one likes a sawtooth. 

Everything or nothing. Full on then full off then full on then full off. 

I guess if it’s regular, (you know, properly regular), at least we can plan for it. But anything that’s unpredictable – where we’re working and we’re working and we’re working and then nothing, nothing, no communications, nothing … and then we’re working again – kills progress and relationships.

The sawtooth cuts, it hurts, it opens wounds, it destroys trust, it gets everyone excited and motivated and then dunks that excitement and motivation in an snow-melt stream.

We like consistency. We like to be kept in the loop. We like to understand where progress is happening, where it’s stuck and what’s being done to get things moving again.

If you wan’t to easy the flow, to keep things moving, fill the gaps in the sawtooth.

Skippy strategy: Fill in the gaps, aim for consistency.