December 7, 2020

Stand outs


Most of the talk in most annual reviews is focused on the things that are easy to talk about: capability and capacity. Are they up to the work and how much more they can do. It fits into scorecards, it’s accommodated by training and development plans, and it’s largely on the non-threatening end of the contentious stuff. If we do this right, it’s a twenty minute conversation – and that’s where a lot of appraisals end … and fail.

Meaningful conversations take longer than that and deal with at least two more interesting and more important turf.

Drag them out of the weeds. Do they understand not only the what of their role but the why of it and where it fits in the greater scheme of things? Are they motivated to take responsibility for their contribution and for its contribution to the greater good? 

Skippy strategy: The stand outs stand out.