November 10, 2018

Take names


You know what they say about selling? … always be doin’ it.

You know what they should say about hiring? … same.

When times are good, you need a steady stream of good talent to fill the holes and increase the possibilities. The good news about the good times, you probably have the funds to make it happen. The bad news, lots of other people do too, and they’re also on the hunt.

When times are bad, you need a steady stream of good talent to take care of bigger holes and maximise the opportunities you have. The bad news about the bad times, funding.

Assuming you can deal with the times in which you live, you always need and should be seeking out talent.

And that means being overtly on the lookout, actively recruiting, and interested in the hidden people you meet. 

Skippy strategy: Take names, make notes, keep contact.