July 6, 2019

The person


Not everybody fits a pigeonhole. Not everyone conforms exactly to the ideal model of their role, or responsibilities, or team, or place in the world. In fact, none of us does. We kinda sorta fit and we fill in the gaps as best we can. And that’s true whether we’re looking in the mirror or at our wide team of experts. We’re nearly there … and some are less near than others.

So when someone passes by who isn’t a perfect fit, who doesn’t fit all criteria, whose experience isn’t what you imagined or expected or specified … look a little deeper.

Most times, what we really want is an attitude, aptitude, get-to-it-ness, stay-with-it-ness and enough street smarts to avoid the obvious pitfalls. What we need are people who can do what they say they can do, and then actually do it.

Skippy strategy: Look past the obvious, interview the person.