July 15, 2021

The right ear


Even when you’re buying, you’re selling.

When you’re interviewing prospects to find a new member of the team, it’s possible that you think it’s all about them. That it’s their responsibility to demonstrate value and your job is to filter for skills and team fit. And that’s true. But it’s also your responsibility to get them to want to join the team and do the things that you do. Even if they’re not the one, they know people that might be, and even if they don’t know anyone today, they might just say the right word in the right ear tomorrow.

It’s the same with suppliers, and partners, and customers and everyone else you come into contact with. It’s a word of mouth world. Leaving good impressions with them, even if they don’t with you, is one more way to make the world work.

Skippy strategy: Word of mouth works.