November 24, 2019

The role of grease


With luck, it’s not necessary. At least for a while. But in every group, at some point, someone has to play the role of grease. Getting between the hard surfaces that each person can present, reducing friction, keeping the wheels turning with some semblance of cohesion.

Most times it’s easy. Vision and direction and projects and process. Everyone knows their role, how they fit and what they have to deliver. Keeping the wheels turning is simply about reminding everyone that they’re there for a reason.

Other times, not so much. Other times, people get rubbed up the wrong way, petty nonsense grows in the shadows, egos get bruised, differences of opinion become differences of philosophy become differences of irreconcilable proportions.

Early: inject some grease. 

Remind them about the wheels, deflect some heat, add some humour and remove all doubt.

Skippy strategy: When the relationships get gnarly, grease the joints.