April 27, 2016

Touch points


There’s a lot going on. Customers, staff, teams, suppliers, partners, collaborations, alliances. Each with their own agendas, moving parts and clock speed. It’s extremely likely that some, if not all, are just a little (a lot) out of touch.

Ok. As long as everything is happening exactly as planned and nothing has changed except the date.

OK. As long as everyone is happy working to the schedule and don’t need line-of-sight to make sure the two halves of the bridge meet in the middle.

OK. As long as they’re lone-wolves and won’t benefit from feeling a little love.

So, then … not OK.

You need touch-points – the technology, the progress, the people, the stuff that makes each relationship work – and a way of communicating them. Round-robin emails, bad. Personal phone calls, one-to-ones, meetings and lunch, good.

It’s the human touch that makes the point.

Skippy strategy: Don’t assume everything connects. Reach out.