May 28, 2017

Two questions

The one

As the leader, there are two questions that sit beneath your day:

– How does the organisation work with you?

Without even trying, explicitly because of your position, your influence is pervasive. Everyone works under your direction, they’re learning from your approval, indifference, enthusiasm, respect, dominance. You’re the role model, good or bad. Everything you do makes that influence positive or negative – it helps your people achieve more, or less.

– How does the organisation work without you?

What happens when you’re out of the loop? Good things or bad? Creating a winning environment based on autonomy means giving people the freedom and latitude to make decisions and mistakes, and to feel safe doing it. You have to clear that path before you need it. Coach your people into stepping up, taking responsibility, following through. Or don’t.

The answer to either question … is down to you.

Skippy strategy: Whatever you do, you’re showing the way.