October 26, 2016

Up there


Up there, in your head, it’s clear as day.

We’ll do this, then that, and they’ll do their bit and hey, all will be good with the world.

Down here, where the this and the that need to get done, it sure ain’t crystal.

It’s murky.

We don’t know what you’re thinking. We don’t even know that you’re thinking at all.

We just know that we’re busy and we don’t have much time or see much point in changing anything.

Two thoughts:

– If we had a plan, written down and shared, there’d be much more chance that things would happen the way you want them to. We’d be able to help.

– If you keep it a secret, you’ll never have to explain when things go off (the non-existent) track. You can slide on to the next idea.

Share the thinking … get commitment.

Skippy strategy: Write it down. Share it.