October 29, 2020

What is fit?


What you talk about adding to the team, soon enough, you start talking about fit. But what is fit?

Assuming you’re starting from a good base, part of it is about being like everyone else in critical dimensions, like work-ethic and values. Fail to get a match here and nothing else matters. Being obvious for a moment – hard workers won’t fit in with slackers, or the other way around, and honest people won’t fit in around those with flexible morals, or the other way around.

Then there’s headroom. Nobody, regardless of experience, comes in fully formed. Can they bake the bread? Will they struggle from day one or will they be held back from day two? Miss this, and it’s a short stop.

Finally, the intangibles. Will they be good – like funny, different, quirky, energetic – to have around?

Skippy strategy: Many can do the work, only some will fit.