October 3, 2016

What we’re thinking


Ever get into one of complicated conversations that seems to go around in tighter and tighter contractions until you’re tied in knots trying to remember every assumption, every half remembered factoid, every argument and counter argument, every subtlety, nuance and kink in the road. You kind of know why you’re going but at the end … how did we get here? What were we thinking? Was that any help?

And then, there’s the whiteboard.

A real time attempt to capture the thread, to organise, to make sense, to circle the wagons around facts and point to options. Complicated conversations get teased apart and categorised. You pivot on half-way answers then find the next way-point, then the next. Everyone on the same page because the page is shared.

At the end … is this what we’re thinking?

Capture that.

Skippy strategy: Any time it’s confusing, gather around the whiteboard.