May 19, 2017

What you see


When you see what’s happening, and it’s not going well, there’s always two options.

One – you can stand back and let them work it out for themselves. Assume that they’ll see the benefit, find the connections, get the insight, understand the difference between they way they do things now and how they could do them better, conjure the answer. You can watch them fail, take the wrong turn, miss the not-so-obvious, make the wrong assumption. The only way to learn is to learn the hard way.

Two – you can stand beside them and help them see what you see. Explain the benefit of first doing this and then doing that. Tell the story that’ll fire their curiosity and help make the leap. Cut through the noise and point out the signal. The smart way to learn is the path with the guide.

Skippy strategy: Together is faster.