November 17, 2017

When it’s over


It feels good when you come to the end of a project. All that effort, all the late nights and rubbed temples and heads butted and rabbit holes followed. All the breakthroughs and firefighting and carefully placing one foot in front of the other. And hopefully, the successful completion.

Then it’s over.

All done.

It’s easy to turn the page and immediately start the next thing, or get buried sorting all the little things that suffered during final delivery, or waste energy noodling on all the if-onlys that coulda-shoulda made a difference somewhere along the line.

Whatever else you do, when it’s over, take time to reflect and celebrate.

Reflect together – mine for lessons, recognise victories, a little bit blow-by-blow, a little bit emotion-by-emotion.

Celebrate together – whatever happened, good or bad … slap backs and shake hands.

Skippy strategy: When it’s over, come together.