May 9, 2016

Who takes the pen?


When you have the money and the motivation it’s possible and productive to hire someone for everything. Each job gets assigned, each assignment gets done. An action adventure story of cash and leverage.

If time and skills or experiences are limited, it might be the only way – and you have to find the cash. Most of the time however, funds are the limiting factor and the cost-benefit comes down on the side of do-it-ourselves. Someone on the team has to take responsibility and squeeze it on their list.

The question of course … who takes the pen?

The least busy, the most experienced, the greatest enthusiast, you?

Most times, the answer comes from triangulating between capacity and experience. But in a pinch – with no room for excuses … go for the one who gets things done – they’ll work it out.

Skippy strategy: A team that delivers.