June 1, 2020

Why have both?


There are people you always want to work with. They bring energy to the room, do their prep, come with ideas and excitement, live by Yes And, fulfil on their commitments, under promise and over deliver.

Then there are those you shy away from. They suck energy from the room, crash or fail their prep, find obstacles and highlight problems (which is fine) and see them as blockers and reasons for No But (which is not), they’re habitually late, miss their objectives, over promise and under deliver.

The question … why have both? You don’t have to accommodate under performance or make room and allowances for category two. You can coach, and hold accountable, and set examples, and give feedback. And ultimately, whilst it may not be easy, you can always find an alternative option.

Skippy strategy: Build your team with the kind of people you want in your team.