August 30, 2020

Zero thought


There is a view that you should hire people to do the things you want them to do. The actual things. That the role of management is to reduce each role, each task, to it’s minimum constituent parts – parts that can be repeated, endlessly, at the lowest possible level of training and zero thought. And, looking around the high street, that’s definitely a thing. Looking around a factory, definitely a thing. It’s a model, and it seems to work for some.

Is that a good thing for you and your team? Doing difficult things, bringing new things to the world, adding value in non-obvious non-trivial ways – you don’t want repetition, you want creativity, you don’t want obedience, you want responsibility, you don’t want automatons, you want thinkers who can absorb and assimilate and bring you ideas you wouldn’t have had on your own.

Skippy strategy: Build your team with problem solvers.