May 6, 2018

Early leaps


Sometimes you know what the problem is. Whether by luck or judgement, you look at the problem, grok it in a single leap, and flash out the exact diagnosis and prescription – and, wouldn’t you know it, you have the resources in hand to get the job done. Ta da! You’ve worked your magic again.

Sometimes though … when you barely look before you leap … your analysis is flawed, your conclusion is off, your recipe doesn’t combine, you’re off in the woods.

Now you have to contend with two problems: the original issue still needs sorting (and probably under a little added time pressure and resources squeeze); the second and potentially more serious … your ego … which has a habit of making you overly invested in your early leaps, keeps your head down and stop you looking for a smarter option.

Skippy strategy: Don’t leap first and look later, consider a second window.