November 11, 2017

Left or right?


There are times when there’s no more data, when you’re left with a simple choice: left or right?

It’s a toughie, and no matter how many times you chew the bone, there’s no way of knowing more than you know now. You have imperfect but maximum data. Everyone’s opinion is on the table. No more secrets and nothing left to discover. The only thing left to know is the decision. Which way to go?

But the world won’t end if you hedge for another month. You can sit on it and sit on it and sit on it some more. Keep scratching away in corners, just in case. And everyone who’s waiting, poised, wellllll … they can just spin their wheels … whilst the world keeps turning and you get further behind.

When the only thing left is the decision … make the decision.

Skippy strategy: No decision is the wrong decision.