June 27, 2018

Position, reposition


It’s almost always a good idea to take a position.

The almost in that sentence is for influential and senior leaders who want to avoid shutting down a conversation before it’s has a chance of life. The rest of the time, positions are good. They let everyone know where you stand, and as with all parameters, this breeds creativity as everyone is released from doubt and can get on with working with what they now know.

The problem comes when a received position is held onto because of dogma alone. When it’s no longer appropriate or useful, but just because the decision was once taken (and often because of who took it), nothing is allowed to change. Creativity, stifled. Risk taking, eliminated. Evolution, eliminated.

Take a position. Don’t blow with the wind. But be prepared to move in the face of time, progress, knowledge and skills.

Skippy strategy: Position, reposition.