October 14, 2016



Knotty problems lead to knotty discussions.

Everything’s in the stew. The pro’s, the con’s, the politics, the emotions, the relationships, the he said she said reported glories. All the reasons to do a thing, then all the reasons why now is not the time. Then the curve balls thrown just to confound the hitter. Around and around.

It’s exhausting.

And then, when we’re tired and the talking is taking a breather, the slippery slider slips slidily under the pause, changing the conversation to easier ground – like next weeks’ diaries or the price of eggs. Something we can agree on. Something that cuts off the difficult stuff and maybe (hopefully?) puts it to sleep until next time. When we’ll go around again.

Don’t let the knottiness slide.

Take the breath and dive back in.

Time for clarity.

Time for resolution.

Skippy strategy: So, before moving on, take the opportunity.