March 20, 2016

Saying No


It’s flattering to be asked to get involved in something. Especially when it’s been going for a while and they’ve decided that you’re the person they need. Whether it’s a headhunter, company or organising committee, it feels good even to be considered.

It’s easy to let the flattery fog up clear thinking – which is all about commitment.

Two questions should always come to mind: Do I want to do this? … and, if Yes … Do I have the capacity to do it now?

It’s a pole-walk of value judgements and compromise, opportunism and rationalisations. Then there’s coming down to earth: which projects to defocus or drop – and that means reducing time or quality or focus and letting people down.

Or, you could just say No. Better than an uncommitted Yes, and way better than a Maybe.

Are you in or are you out?

Skippy strategy: Do you want to do this? Really? … and … do you have the capacity to do it now? Really?