January 24, 2023

That ball


Today is the day. Today. Today is the day to write that special to-do list that has all the things you will absolutely do, most of which you’ve been kicking down the road, that with focus you can do whilst managing the necessities of your day to day.

Today is the day properly to read and respond to that annoying, long, legalish, complicated, important, non-pressing email you received, oh, too long ago.

Today is the day to talk to that person to kick off that process that isn’t due until then but that, inevitably, will take longer than you want and you’re better off getting ahead of if you have any real chance of pulling it together with any sense of calm or quality.

Today is the day to introduce A to B, to make that call, to pick up that ball and get going.

Skippy strategy: Today is the day.