August 5, 2016

What’s the plan?


Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a fully articulated plan. That lays out every single one of the 2,547 moving parts neatly categorised by work package and human and time and cost. Release versions, dependencies, success criteria, decision making processes.

A plan that means I can respond with confidence and clarity to any question the sponsor throws my way.

A plan that actually says what we’ll all be doing on Tuesday, and paves the route there to the end point.

You know, the whole shebang.

Problem is … I’m looking at a blank page. I don’t even know what a plan for this thing would look like.

Beyond the big lumps level, I’m no where.

I don’t need a plan, I need a plan for a plan.

Two days, the critical people, one room, a bunch of whiteboards.

A skeleton with as much meat as possible.

And then we’re running.

Skippy strategy: Feeling overwhelmed … get going anyway.