April 17, 2020

A style thing


Your management style is working brilliantly. Your team is firing on all cylinders and you’re trucking down the highway at a progressive clip. Would you change your style? Why would you, it’s taken you this far.

What if it’s not working? If your team is dysfunctional and you’re stuttering along, or if one of your team seems to be on a different trajectory running to a whole other agenda? Would you change your style then? Probably not. Why should you?

It’s not a style thing. It’s about doing what you need to do, individual by individual, to get the results you’ve all agreed you’re working towards. If one way isn’t working for the group, change what you’re doing. If it isn’t working for one part, change how you work with that part.

Only when you’ve tried everything else should you change the part.

Skippy strategy: Some parts need changing.