January 27, 2018

A team killer


It starts with a creeping doubt. This guy, that girl, despite their obvious intelligence, great work ethic and decent performance in the role … maybe they’re a bit too much trouble. It feels like they need convincing rather than explaining, their colleagues are reluctant to engage, meetings take longer when they’re involved.

Over time, the doubt become a suspicion becomes a certainty – even you step around them whenever you can.

With weak performers, the action is obvious – move them on. All that trouble and below par production; an easy decision.

With high performers it’s tempting to let it slide. To value individual output over team cohesion. But it’s the wrong answer. It’s a team killer. The right answer is always the right answer – move them on.

The immediate impact: pain, relief, speed, a closer team, and a commitment to act faster if it happens again.

Skippy strategy: When you know, act.