August 2, 2016

Always be hiring


The single most difficult thing we do is hire good people.

It’s not the hiring part that’s so tough. That’s a relatively simple task of laying out an interesting challenge and putting enough resources in play to make it possible. Granted, saying “enough resources” is easier than finding them, but given a fair wind and some clear thinking, there’s usually a way.

Far harder: finding good people in the first place.

They are rare. Not unicorns, but rarer than you’d like, and probably nooked away in a corner where you can’t easily look.

So whenever and wherever you are, always be hiring. Talk about those interesting challenges, paint the picture, put things in perspective, show the passion, walk them through your thinking.

Show them you’re a fellow traveller.

And when one of you is ready for the other … “That challenge we talked about …”

Skippy strategy: When you find good people, light up the wheelhouse.