April 3, 2016



It’s rare that there’s only one way forward.

With a common objective and identical obstacles, five teams will find five ways to get through the mountains. Thing is, they’ll probably start with twenty-five ideas. Given the information and resources available, each as valid as the next.

And so, before it begins for real, the planning begins with prodding and poking and shaping single ideas into coherent plans that get each team moving together. Good ideas that don’t fit together don’t get buy-in and are abandoned for other ideas that do.

And so, when it begins for real, there’s cohesive action.

Buy-in doesn’t mean or even need total agreement. It means acceptance that this is the chosen path. That whilst there may be other ways – look, over there – that we’re stronger, and have a better chance, if we travel together.

Skippy strategy: One direction is better than five.