October 28, 2016

Guide rails


There are times when you’ve never done something before, and there’s sport to be had in finding your way. It’s the lack of knowledge that makes it fun. The antici- – – -pation. Someone could tell you what it’s like, but there’s no thrill in that – you have to ride the zip-line yourself.

Then there’s the other times, when you’re just as exposed, looking over the precipice – and it ain’t for kicks. When a miss-step could cost a toe. When losing control means running ragged and a three month do-over. When you’re not in Kansas anymore.

So you look for guide rails, something to keep your hand inside the car and everything on track, a yellow-brick road guaranteed to get you safely where you need to go.

You. Dorothy. Your staff.

We’re all in Kansas sometimes.

Skippy strategy: Look out for, and look to give guidance – when needed.