November 8, 2017

Hands are shaken


There’s so much effort in getting to the deal. The candles burned, the heads scratched, the numbers crunched. The preparation and presentations and negotiations and waiting-waiting-waiting. The disappointments and frustrations and staring into the abyss.

Then the deal is struck. Hands are shaken. The celebratory meal.

The morning after the deal before … it’s easy to imagine the engine room gently whirring in to life. All the little cogs engaging with all the wheels, the tanker turning. And all will be right with the world whilst you sit back and breathe deeply.

Ahhhhhhh. Like magic … ahhh … delivery … ahhh … will happen.

Except it won’t.

The business-as-usual tanker will keep on course unless you push the levers and change the heading.

And the way to do that … bring everyone inside the circle and remind, explain, share, reset … create the new business-as-usual together.

Skippy strategy: Respect new projects. Reset.