June 6, 2023

If you’re unlucky


You can tell people what to do.

If you’re lucky, they’ll do exactly what you say. They’ll follow the letter of your instructions, deal with the variables you describe, arrive at the finishing position just the way you told them.

The luck part, is that your instructions are good enough.

Most times, your details are wrong, you forget a step or two, your assumptions are off, the variables won’t pan out and your micro-management squeezes their creativity out of the game.

So … reality … if you’re unlucky, they’ll do exactly what you say.

It’s not luck that gets the best out of people.

It’s smarts.

Tell them what you want to achieve, co-opt their imagination alongside yours, frame the plan together, give them the freedom to follow their experience and intuition, cover them through their miss-steps, help rather than hinder.

Skippy strategy: Don’t trust to luck, trust smarts.