December 19, 2015

Improve what’s expected


There’s a theory about management that says it’s about making sure the thing gets done right. Wrapped up in such a simple phrase is something about measurement, about knowing what needs to get done, about holding people accountable for doing the job, and about pushing for a level of performance that’s considered “right”.

This implies a manager’s job is to “deliver what’s required.”

It’s a decent size thought – enough for any number of books – but it’s selling the role short.

It’s not enough.

A manager isn’t just about getting the job done – that’s the minimum.

It’s to improve on what’s expected.

To leave the team and the situation in a better position than before they came together.

It’s about raising the bar, shortening the timeline, leaping further, lifting more. It’s about getting things done (absolutely) better than they would have been done by the same bunch of people with no manager involved.

So that next time, the needle has moved.

Skippy Strategy: Managers, like coaches of any crew, work hard to improve how much working hard can achieve.