March 11, 2016

In the open


With more than one human involved, it’s always complicated. The more you add, the greater the potential for chaffing injuries.

Even with a bucket of goodwill spread liberally around the room, you’re always one misunderstanding away from irritation, aggravation, consternation … and if left unchecked … conflagration.

Good news … with a little of that goodwill … you’re often one conversation away from resolution. “Oh, I thought you meant … but you didn’t. So that’s ok then. <blush> Sorry.”

Bad news … when you most need it, that’s the one conversation that’s most difficult to have – because, what if it’s more?

Old news … sometimes you just have to swallow down, get around a table, and deal with the problem. If it’s a misunderstanding, great, done. If it’s something bigger, better in the open than skulking in corners – the earlier the easier to deal with.

Skippy strategy: Get it in the open – and deal with it.