February 24, 2017

In the woodwork


When something is important to someone, they let you know.

Sometimes it’s in your face. They put it at the top of the page, punch it home, leave you in no doubt.

Sometimes they leave breadcrumbs. Not hidden buy not quite so obvious, just gently encouraging you back on the path they want you to follow.

Sometimes it’s only in the woodwork. Out of sight. A hint of a presence that you’re only kinda-sorta aware of, but that won’t go away. You have to work it out. A half said comment, a sideways look, a raise of an eyebrow, a regular surfacing of what would otherwise be unimportant, more passion or emotion than expected.

Be alive to it. When you’re confused by something that keeps coming up, look for what’s below the surface. The why, before then what.

Skippy strategy: If it’s confusing, dig a little deeper.