May 16, 2019

Meet their charm


People can be charming when they want to be, and one place where their charm can pay off is an interview.

So we meet their charm with strategy. Open questions, tough questions, ask them to explain the why of their stories and transitions, listen between the lines, maybe some subjective testing, interview panels, multiple sessions, asking the same question in different ways, looking for inconsistencies.

All that. All that, and more. All that, because we know interviews are imperfect and charm and likability can sway the course.

Assuming they’ve hurdled the Can They Do The Job bar, it always comes down to team fit. Can they handle the way we do things around here, can they hold their own, will they raise our game?

The best way to cut through charm: get them to work with you before they join the team.

Skippy strategy: Ask potential hires to do a team-task that counts.