October 15, 2018

Mention feedback


Mention feedback, even in your internal dialogue, and it has a negative vibe. It feels like it’s all about having uncomfortable and critical conversations (which no one likes hearing) with people about how they need to improve their performance, and it demands a willingness on the feedback giver to enter dangerous territory (which no one likes doing) where offence can be taken and relationships can become strained.

The solution, give more feedback – on the good and the bad – and as soon as possible. Don’t store things up for a mythical right time or annual reviews. 

Get used to saying what needs to be said, and when. That means highlighting the good, to reinforce positives, and being constructive in the bad, to point to forward path rather than just poke at the past.

Do it today.

Skippy strategy: Give productive feedback that reinforces the positives you see and the ones you want.