December 25, 2019

Mists are red


Work with enough people (more than one) for long enough (more than five minutes) and somebody will definitely be offended. They’ll interpret something that’s said in a way that leads them to a place where the mists are red and the walls are spiky.

The question isn’t, will it happen, or, how can I stop it happening? It’s, what happens next, and sometimes, why does it always happen with him?

What happens next? One way or another, everyone remembers why they’re their in the first place, they refocus on the path, and get on with getting on. Bit like a family. Help them focus.

Why does it always happen to him? When you find your team treading eggshells for fear of an eccentric ego, time to move that ego out of the team and find its own special box.

Skippy strategy: Refocus the family, remove the eccentric egos.