June 5, 2019

Move them out


Some people are amazing on their own. Set them a task and they’ll bring it back completed and tied in a pretty red bow. If you show any interest, they’ll tell you the steps they took and the decisions they forked and the seventeen ways you can make best use of the output.

Some people are amazing in teams. They do their bit whilst keeping an eye and working in time with everyone else. They’re on schedule, in tune, lending a hand, getting down in the dirt. Whatever it takes – even if whatever it takes is helping someone else shine.

What to do when a winning solo artist can’t play the role you need inside a team? Tolerate their disruptive dysfunctional influence in favour of their brilliance, or remove them from the team in service of the wider performance.

Skippy strategy: When soloists disrupt the group, move them out.