July 7, 2021

Not easier


What happens when you make the easier, softer, more caring choice to give them another chance, and this one after the other seventeen changes over the last few months (or years)? They’ll thank you for it, you’ll feel good about being thanked and for helping someone who’s obviously struggling. Everyone else, including you, will continue picking up the pieces and dealing with the problems caused as the person either finds their way or continues to disappoint.

You won’t be looking for a replacement or any alternative permanent fix, which means when the time comes and you can no longer tolerate the easier, softer, more caring choice, you’ll have to accept more issues and for longer as you kick the process into gear.

And whilst you let things slide, everyone notices and you teach them ever-so-slightly to let their things slide too.

Skippy strategy: It’s not easier to let things slide.