March 11, 2020

So clarify


You probably think you’re pretty good a signalling, that everyone knows what you mean when you say what you say, that you’re consistent and people know where they stand at the end of the meeting. Heads up: you’re not as good as you think you are. You give confusing messages, varying between irritation and delight you blow a bit less consistent than you’d like, and that throw away ho-ho line caused offence instead of levity. In other words, you’re human, they’re human, and that’s a recipe for signals gone awry.

The first course is to think a little deeper, be a little clearer and check for understanding every time. Both ways. What do you think I said? Here is what I think you said.

The second course, take every opportunity to clarify, and take responsibility when things go wrong.

Skippy strategy: You’re never as clear as you think, so clarify.