June 28, 2016


In slow organisations, and slow moving markets, everything pretty much moves together, slowly.

For the rest of us, different parts of the organisation run at different speeds. It’s natural. But that doesn’t mean it won’t cause problems or that you shouldn’t try to make it less … grindy.

In general, the further from the operational heart, the faster you can spin.

Operations is normally pretty one paced. It can run slightly faster, but not for long, and not without breaking  all the efficiencies you’ve built into the system. New product people move faster, keeping up with the new or risking being trampled. Sales and creative types are only limited by the speed of decision making – super fast or achingly slow.

The job then is to be the gearing. Keep all the moving parts acting together, driving forward, travelling as one – and all without breaking the engine.

Skippy strategy: Synchromesh the changes.