January 4, 2019

Ten-gallon conversations


Inside any team, things won’t always go quite as planned. When that happens the critical path always includes a drains up conversation to chew over the what and the why and the how of the thing.

That’s a difficult enough conversation all on its own. But with good will and a learning and supportive attitude, these are some of the most important conversations we’ll have all year. 

As is our way though … busy as we are … we often try to squeeze these ten-gallon conversations into thimble-size parcels of time. Which isn’t going to work … and is likely to cause frustration and high temperatures as the issues aren’t respected, cause gets shorthanded into blame, and positions solidify and turn defensive.

When that happens … stop … reschedule … and set out some principals:

– Good will, not ill

– Learning not blaming

– Supportive

– Respect the issues

– No shorthand

Skippy strategy: Due consideration needs due time.